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Tardy of us to notice that a former Falcon and Professor of Philosophy, Anthony Clifford Grayling (F’62), is pretty well known, but if, like me, you’d never heard of him (and you weren’t at Falcon in 1962), then here’s a chance to correct that and find out more about him. (more…)

FOB honoured for London bombing first aid work

Falcon Old Boy, Adrian Heili (Tredgold 1999) has featured in the news after giving evidence at the 7/7 Bombings Inquest. The embedded movie below gives the main details of his quick-thinking action on 7th July 2005 when terrorist bomber Mohammed Sidique Khan detonated a bomb in a tube train he was on at Edgware Road tube station, killing six people.

Adrian Heili, Tredgold 1999One of the worst-injured survivors of the bomb was Daniel Biddle, who lost both legs, his spleen and his left eye. When the bomb went off, he was thrown out of the carriage and into the gap between the train and the wall of the tunnel.

Adrian Heili had been in the carriage behind Biddle’s. Adrian heard Biddle calling out and shouted to him out of the train.

Adrian forced the door open then jumped onto the adjacent track before working his way to an area close to where Biddle’s cries were coming from. There he met a driver, Lee Hunt, who had been taking a refreshment break at the station. Continue reading

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